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Do you agree, love changes everything, but loving people isn’t easy?  

And just how do you love someone who is hard to love?  

Hey, does it make a difference which generation you’re talking about?  Does culture really change that much?  

Well this could be TMI or TMQ  (too much info or too many questions) at this point.

So let’s investigate….

First Train of Thought:  

Everyone has come across =

  • less than truthful,

  • the money hungry,

  • the back stabbers or

  • vow-breakers.

  • Either, we meet them casually;

  • develop a friendship;

  • see them at work;

  • or marry them.

These type people seem to cross our life-path sooner or later.  Or is it we who are crossing their life-path?  Either way we cross and they bring good or sometimes bad to us.

Below Mr. Fulghum, a prominent writer who wrote, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten (1988), which stayed on the New York Times bestseller lists for nearly two years. Throughout the collection, subtitled “Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things”, Fulghum expounds his down-home philosophy of seeing the world through the eyes of a child said it all.  

But Mr. Fulghum used deductive strategy while comparing a boat-load of previous, knowing life experiences to come up with this statement: 

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge.  That myth is more potent than history.  That dreams are more powerful than facts.  That hope always triumphs over experience.  That laughter is the only cure for grief.  And I believe that love is stronger than death.”  – Robert Fulghum

Do you agree with Mr. Fulghum?  

Well, let’s keep investigating …..

Second Train of Thought = Think of your family

Other people believe that love changes everything, but loving people isn’t easy ; especially and including people who are in their family.  

What about your family?  One definition of family is:


Some part of that definition also says, that people who make up your family are living, loving and laughing their way through the trials and griefs from this world.

The last thing to remember when you’re trying to know how to love the “ones in your family” who are hard to love:


Third Train of Thought: Where does the loving start? It starts with you.

What you are thinking , what you are feeling and what you are speaking will prove your love for yourself and your love for others.” – Patricia (me)

 It doesn’t matter who are the other people.  It should be so ingrained within your heart “to love your neighbor” religiously, or morally,  politically or otherwise.   

There are many different people, but your love should always be the same, if not growing stronger.  

 Let’s further investigate using this video by Brian Tracey.

[Brian Tracy is one of America’s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness.]

 Even if others who are crossing your life-path are:

  • looked up to, or looked down on

  • church leader, or a street walker

  • hosting the party or crashing it

  • the lender or the borrower

  • and so forth and so on.. for as many titles, categories, levels or areas you can think .

Like I said above, your love should always be unconditionally the same, if not growing even stronger.  


P.S.  If you have any comments, I would appreciate your writing them here for the reader’s  edification from your experiences, trials and tribulations.

5 Top Beliefs/Values You Possess That Would Make Your Mama Proud

“What have you done for me lately?”  I think this is the title of a song.  But more importantly, what have you done to make your mama proud? OR- exactly what are the 5 top beliefs/values you possess that would make your Mama proud?
Some of you might say, “I have to many values and beliefs to count.”  Then there are others of you who don’t know any of your values or beliefs.  But, you might know what I call the ‘symptoms of your belief.’
A symptom of belief out of our conscious minds might be stated as:  “I don’t like talking in front of a group of people.”
The Real Belief from our unconscious minds might be stated as:   “I’m afraid they might not accept me because I’m not worthy.”
Some people might never know their real unconscious beliefs and how they are ruling their conscious mind.  In order to change their beliefs or values they must first be identified.
Right here… I would like to give you “for instances” or examples, so continue reading below:
You turn on the TV and it’s news time.  Then your conscious and unconscious minds receiving a barrage of negativity.  Yes, negative stories raise TV ratings.   Plus, negative thinking is so widespread in our society that negative thinking leaches into your set of values and beliefs. 
(You think?)
Lately we have been tuned in or turned off by the negative images on many subjects, such as: theoretically speaking undeserving people who are on welfare; or chatter about the social security bankroll running out; or Billions of dollars given to other countries even though our country is Billions in debt; or the degrading images of policemen which seems to be getting worse lately; or continued racial hatred festering in our country; and the list goes on … so much more.
Just how are your values / beliefs today compared to what they were several years ago? 
Can you see from the example above how repetitive information given to you (your conscious and unconscious mind) could have an effect on your values/beliefs?
Take note: …Are you still trusting, honest, tenacious, hardworking, and lovers of mankind? 
Can you visualize yourself being in a more prosperous lifestyle in the future?

What is your purpose? 

Here is a list of actions you will need to complete in order to meet your goal towards living a prosperous life.
  • Set a completion date to reach your goal
  • Set the earned $$$ amount
  • State what you your are willing to do (your service and your time)
  • State your belief to be successful  (visualize it using all of your 5 senses)
  • Do what your coach tells you – don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Set your self confidence by:
  1. knowing your abilities
  2. repeating your intentions at least twice a day
  3. believe in yourself and help others
  4. have a positive attitude
  5. Become self reliant and successful
It is still up to you to identify the 5 Top Beliefs That Would Make Your Mama Proud.   I have included a video that touches on the meaning of some  values/beliefs.
 Video: What are your values? Learn how to identify valu…

The video-take-away tells how to identify values/beliefs.  It address five values/beliefs:  Honesty, Openness, Success, Creativity, and Self-Reliance.  There are 100’s of values/ beliefs to choose from as you prioritize your 5 top beliefs that would make your mama proud.
I sincerely hope this post has been helpful to you.  Leave a comment below to give me your 5 top beliefs.

Value your day – no pun intended   :))



Are you a grandparent experiencing a deja vu parenting phenomenon? Remember the 2006 film starring Denzel Washington.  This might have been your first introduction to deja vu, but not your last.


Judith Orloff, M.D. wrote an article, The Meaning Of Deja Vu.  She stated that,  “Deja Vu is a common intuitive experience that has happened to many of us. The expression is derived from the French, meaning “already seen.” When it occurs, it seems to spark our memory of a place we have already been, a person we have already seen, or an act we have already done.”

Now are you ready to hear what this blog is really all about?  You as a parent all over again for your grandchildren.  This is sometimes necessary because of compelling reasons which we won’t began to discuss here.

……but, “In 2010, the Pew Research Center found that one in 10 children  in the United States were living with a grandparent, and that the number of U.S. households composed of multiple generations was higher than it had been in half a century.  Click here for more details on this article.

Most of us  enjoy visiting, on occasion helping out with finances and in particular circumstances taking full or partial custody of our grandchildren.

A fact:  grandparents experiencing a deja vu parenting phenomenon can be so fulfilling  as seen in the video below.

4.9 million children (7%), under age 18, live in grandparent-headed households.  That’s up from 4.5 million living in grandparent-headed households 10 years ago.  I suspect this increase has to do with challenges in our economy over the past five years, including the housing and foreclosure crisis, the loss of jobs and general economic woes.  Clearly, grandparents are increasingly providing the stability and security of home for their families.  Source: View report

A fact:  grandparents experiencing a deja vu parenting phenomenonencounter foiled retirement plans while facing financial, housing and other challenges as seen in the video below.

Video: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: The facts


51 percent of grandparents who have grandkids living with them are white (up from 46 percent in 2000); 24 percent are Black/African American (down from 28 percent in 2000); and 19 percent are Hispanic/Latino (down slightly from 20 percent in 2000). Source:  Check Out Details


Nevertheless, we as grandparents are the generation who were taught to do what you’ve got to do to get things done.   And so it is here we are grandparents experiencing a deja vu parenting phenomenon…. but with a different twist as we’re fitting the new and different ways of parenting  today.


Begin A New Chapter (Read daily to assess your visual learning system.)

Your ability to reach your goals is dependent on who you are on the inside. The reality is that if you want to reach a goal that’s bigger than where you are now, you need to become bigger on the inside.  You need to grow bigger to be able to reach that goal! You’ve got to focus on growing you in order to grow into your goals. (David Woods, Owner of Empower Network.)

Some of us are avid readers of many different kinds of books. Others of us would rather someone else read and summarize the books for us.

But, did you know that reading one hour a day could change your life? I first heard this fact from an old professor of mine when I was in business school. I wasn’t sure if I believed him or not then. He said that reading one hour a day could potentially change my life. Since then, I have found that most great men and women agree with him.

Begin a new chapter

We don’t have to look far to realize that reading is important and not just in our business lives. To get a perspective of what I mean, take a look at you past reading experiences from the simplest to the most complex.

We’ve had to read, read, read and read from elementary school throughout college. All the while, we’ve had to read all types of materials such as: reading to do research, reading any instructions for put- together- projects, reading the fun fantasy books, self-help book, as well as, sports and health magazines, reading the technical details before using newly purchased products, reading our personal documents such as rental agreements, etc., and many types of personal business documents. We even read the backs of our prescriptions, the backs of foods we’ve purchased, TV commercials and TV guides and movie reviews. And more, the list goes on!

I could go on and on, listings many more instances in which we’ve had to read, but now I want you to think about the reasons for all that reading. We read specifically to…






begin a new chapter

Thus, I’m challenging you to “START A THE NEXT CHAPTER,” get a book in you hands and read it. If you apply this life long advice for reading one hour a day, then great things and feelings could come into your life.

Also, all that personal development will start to open up your mind.  You will be able to see more possibilities in your personal life AND in your business life. You will be able to realize your goals in your internet marketing business or any business because the power of the mind is an incredible tool to use.



Can You Really Succeed With Living The Dream…Now?

Is there a dream that you’ve had since you were a child   Did you want to be a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, or maybe a teacher, or possibly a race car driver.

Perhaps you wanted to be a fireman.  You  talked about it to all your friends … or to anyone who would listen for-that-matter. You dressed up in your fireman’s costume, then ran around the house and out into the backyard putting out imaginary fires.  You would even saved your friends in an imaginary rescue.

Can You Really Succeed With Living The Dream...Now?

Maybe….. you even tried to get your parent to buy you a Dalmatian dog because that’s the kind of dog you’d seen standing strong on a speeding red fire truck next to your hero… the fireman.  You read books and viewed any other materials depicting the life of a fireman.    But, the most solidifying and defining experiences for you were your visits to the neighborhood fire station a few blocks from your house.

That dream… was very real to you.  You knew what you wanted to be when you grew up, a fireman,  and that-was-that!  But life happens!  And time has a way of changing ideas and dreams.  Needless to say, perhaps you never got to be a fireman.

I guess you’re wondering why I’m asking about dreams.  You see, I once had a dream to be an advertising copy writer or to be a merchandiser who’d  buy for large clothing retailers.  I wasn’t sure which one of the two careers I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be one or the other.  I dreamed of writing popular and witty ads or commercials.  I dreamed of traveling  to London, Paris, France and Italy to purchase the new latest fashions for some lucky merchandiser back home.  I would critique every ad, and visit our downtown to scrutinize each store window showcase.    I’d write my own commercials and ads with illustrations. (I still do this.)  I’d draw fashions, creating new designs and different ways to display them.

But…… by the time I was ready to declare my major for college.   I was told by my high school counselor that I didn’t have a chance of getting into either industry.  That it was reserved for men, not women and especially not women of color.  So I went away to college, but never again pursued my dreams.  Like I said before life happens.   Then I lived outside of my dreams,  maybe not in this order but,  I finished college, I got married, I had a daughter, I got divorced, I worked for someone else and finally retired.

I know that deep down in side I still  wanted my dreams!  And if I couldn’t get them then, what’s wrong with me getting them  now?

I want the fun, the travel, the sense of gratification, the freedom, the sense of accomplishment, and a pride gotten from my own brand of contributing to all mankind.  I guess you say, “She don’t want much!”

Can You Really Succeed With Living The Dream...Now?

What are your dreams?  How can you make them a reality?  You might not be able to go back and have the same type of career that you’ve initially dreamed.  BUT, you can utilize your gifts, talents, and desires to get your dreams now.  I’m on a journey….. towards getting my dreams using creating websites.

I invited you to search yourselves.  Get off the couch, out of the dead beat job, away from meaningless excuses and make it happen    — get your dreams and all that comes with them today!  Join me!