Could you really succeed with living the

Can You Really Succeed With Living The Dream…Now?

    Is there a dream that you’ve had since you were a child   Did you want to be a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, or maybe a teacher, or possibly a race car driver.

    Perhaps you wanted to be a fireman.  You  talked about it to all your friends … or to anyone who would listen for-that-matter. You dressed up in your fireman’s costume, then ran around the house and out into the backyard putting out imaginary fires.  You would even saved your friends in an imaginary rescue.

    Can You Really Succeed With Living The Dream...Now?

    Maybe….. you even tried to get your parent to buy you a Dalmatian dog because that’s the kind of dog you’d seen standing strong on a speeding red fire truck next to your hero… the fireman.  You read books and viewed any other materials depicting the life of a fireman.    But, the most solidifying and defining experiences for you were your visits to the neighborhood fire station a few blocks from your house.

    That dream… was very real to you.  You knew what you wanted to be when you grew up, a fireman,  and that-was-that!  But life happens!  And time has a way of changing ideas and dreams.  Needless to say, perhaps you never got to be a fireman.

    I guess you’re wondering why I’m asking about dreams.  You see, I once had a dream to be an advertising copy writer or to be a merchandiser who’d  buy for large clothing retailers.  I wasn’t sure which one of the two careers I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be one or the other.  I dreamed of writing popular and witty ads or commercials.  I dreamed of traveling  to London, Paris, France and Italy to purchase the new latest fashions for some lucky merchandiser back home.  I would critique every ad, and visit our downtown to scrutinize each store window showcase.    I’d write my own commercials and ads with illustrations. (I still do this.)  I’d draw fashions, creating new designs and different ways to display them.

    But…… by the time I was ready to declare my major for college.   I was told by my high school counselor that I didn’t have a chance of getting into either industry.  That it was reserved for men, not women and especially not women of color.  So I went away to college, but never again pursued my dreams.  Like I said before life happens.   Then I lived outside of my dreams,  maybe not in this order but,  I finished college, I got married, I had a daughter, I got divorced, I worked for someone else and finally retired.

    I know that deep down in side I still  wanted my dreams!  And if I couldn’t get them then, what’s wrong with me getting them  now?

    I want the fun, the travel, the sense of gratification, the freedom, the sense of accomplishment, and a pride gotten from my own brand of contributing to all mankind.  I guess you say, “She don’t want much!”

    Can You Really Succeed With Living The Dream...Now?

    What are your dreams?  How can you make them a reality?  You might not be able to go back and have the same type of career that you’ve initially dreamed.  BUT, you can utilize your gifts, talents, and desires to get your dreams now.  I’m on a journey….. towards getting my dreams using creating websites.

    I invited you to search yourselves.  Get off the couch, out of the dead beat job, away from meaningless excuses and make it happen    — get your dreams and all that comes with them today!  Join me!



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