Build a Website Guide

    So you want to build a website? Let’s Get started then….

    How to Build a Website Guide

    Many people in all walks-of-life are using websites to enhance the needs of their users (target market). The user encompasses a gambit broader than your imagination, from fantasy to education, to business.

    If you want to build your own website for free, now is the time. It’s never been so easy to build a website. You need no previous skills or knowledge. As the online website builders are so easy elementary and students are learning to build and maintain websites.

    The builders are interested in many areas, such as information, entertainment, or social interaction and to transact business for products and/or services.

    Here are the fundamentals…

    I. How to build your own

    successful website:

    1. Get a domain name

    First decide on a name you want your website to go by. It’s called a “domain name” Make it catchy and easy to spell because people will find it easy to find online. Think of it as your own online address. Example: Go Daddy,

    1. Choose a web host & sign up for an account

    2. Design your web pages

    3. Get your site noticed

    4. Test your website

    To check out a video by the Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate’s CEO, click here: how to create a website in 30 seconds

    How to build a website guide

    II. How to maintain your website

    once it’s finished….

    Build a Website Guide

    1. Content updates: It is a great idea to have a blog/news page. You should use this page or section of your website to keep the readers and customers informed about products, new features, new trends, and upcoming events.

    1. Update: These updates are usually placed on the about-us-page, testimonials received from clients and the staff directory.

    1. Adding new features or products

      1. This maintenance tidbit would be appropriate for a Functional website, offering subscription based services, running an online store

    1. And never leave this research tip out, because it’s always a good idea to check your target audience to see what’s changed. So, simply ask your customer’s opinion through market surveys and one-on-one conversations. It works!

    2. You can use website builders also to build your free website. My favorite website builder is Wealthy Affiliate who provides 100’s of free WordPress website templates and 1000’s of plug-ins. Plus you get a free domain name. All that you need is time and your email address.

    To sum it all up…. simply, if you’ve a desire to have a website what better way to build it than with no cost to yourself? If you’ve got the time and have an email address, then you’re half way there. Why not go for it? Try building one in the next 30 seconds. {continue here to try it}


    p.s. Leave me a comment to let me know how your free website turned-out.

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