5 top beliefs/values you possess that would make your mama proud

5 Top Beliefs/Values You Possess That Would Make Your Mama Proud

    “What have you done for me lately?”  I think this is the title of a song.  But more importantly, what have you done to make your mama proud? OR- exactly what are the 5 top beliefs/values you possess that would make your Mama proud?
    Some of you might say, “I have to many values and beliefs to count.”  Then there are others of you who don’t know any of your values or beliefs.  But, you might know what I call the ‘symptoms of your belief.’
    A symptom of belief out of our conscious minds might be stated as:  “I don’t like talking in front of a group of people.”
    The Real Belief from our unconscious minds might be stated as:   “I’m afraid they might not accept me because I’m not worthy.”
    Some people might never know their real unconscious beliefs and how they are ruling their conscious mind.  In order to change their beliefs or values they must first be identified.
    Right here… I would like to give you “for instances” or examples, so continue reading below:
    You turn on the TV and it’s news time.  Then your conscious and unconscious minds receiving a barrage of negativity.  Yes, negative stories raise TV ratings.   Plus, negative thinking is so widespread in our society that negative thinking leaches into your set of values and beliefs. 
    (You think?)
    Lately we have been tuned in or turned off by the negative images on many subjects, such as: theoretically speaking undeserving people who are on welfare; or chatter about the social security bankroll running out; or Billions of dollars given to other countries even though our country is Billions in debt; or the degrading images of policemen which seems to be getting worse lately; or continued racial hatred festering in our country; and the list goes on …..to so much more.
    Just how are your values / beliefs today compared to what they were several years ago? 
    Can you see from the example above how repetitive information given to you (your conscious and unconscious mind) could have an effect on your values/beliefs?
    Take note: …Are you still trusting, honest, tenacious, hardworking, and lovers of mankind? 
    Can you visualize yourself being in a more prosperous lifestyle in the future?

    What is your purpose? 

    Here is a list of actions you will need to complete in order to meet your goal towards living a prosperous life.
    • Set a completion date to reach your goal
    • Set the earned $$$ amount
    • State what you your are willing to do (your service and your time)
    • State your belief to be successful  (visualize it using all of your 5 senses)
    • Do what your coach tells you – don’t reinvent the wheel
    • Set your self confidence by:
    1. knowing your abilities
    2. repeating your intentions at least twice a day
    3. believe in yourself and help others
    4. have a positive attitude
    5. Become self reliant and successful
    It is still up to you to identify the 5 Top Beliefs That Would Make Your Mama Proud.   I have included a video that touches on the meaning of some  values/beliefs.
     Video: What are your values? Learn how to identify valu…

    The video-take-away tells how to identify values/beliefs.  It address five values/beliefs:  Honesty, Openness, Success, Creativity, and Self-Reliance.  There are 100’s of values/ beliefs to choose from as you prioritize your 5 top beliefs that would make your mama proud.
    I sincerely hope this post has been helpful to you.  Leave a comment below to give me your 5 top beliefs.

    Value your day – no pun intended   :))


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